Elementary School Koper is a new public educational establishment, founded in 2006. Its basic activity is obligatory elementary education and planned, systematic and methodic mediation of knowledge, and universal, human and cultural values and other skills. There are 745 pupils in the Elementary School Koper, grouped into 31 class sections and 10 sections of after school care. There are also 115 workers employed in the school at the moment, among these 86 representing school staff.

In five school years the programme of nine-year elementary school is being carried out in Slovene language in the nationally mixed territory of Slovene Istria. The pupils, attending the school, come from Koper and its surroundings. The majority of students with a migrant background come from former Yugoslavian countries, but there are some Asiatic students and students from other countries, too.

The school tries to organize and plan its educational programme by balancing class and outclass activities.

The school offers to parents and their children the obligatory educational programme, expanded programme (planned educational programme in school camps and activities connected with pupils`interests) and some extra sports and art activities and after school care programme.

The obligatory elementary education is the school`s basic and the most important activity in order to create optimal conditions for the best personal and educational development of every single pupil. This is the most important goal supported by incessant encouragement of the school staff for its professional permanent learning and joining different national and international development programmes – projects.

By joining international activities and projects our school desires to open the door to different experiences and their exchanging and sharing. Becoming aware of others and educational profession abroad entirely mean getting to know ourselves in its widest meaning.

Our role in this project is to participate as a partner school. Pupils aged 13 to 14 will take part in this project and will be guided and supported by 5 teachers.