Our school is a small secondary school (234 students, aged 13-16 and 30 teachers) situated in a small town called Czeladź, in the south of Poland. The area has good economical and human resources.

Our students grew up in the block of flats and also in the individual housing estates. They come from families that have different financial status – from very rich to very poor. Some of them are at risk of poverty and social exclusion. This is a result of parents’ absence at family homes because of migration to other countries and different pathologies typical for contemporary Europe. We also have students with special needs who require specific and individual approach from their teachers. There is a group of very talented students that require the best conditions for their versatile development.

We are very glad and appreciate the fact we were invited to this project. We were cooperating with Cypriot school two years ago and we were the coordinators. The topic of the project is up-to-date. Nowadays we can’t imagine living without the Internet. It provides resources, opportunities and information that contemporary culture has learned to rely on but we have to remember it can still be dangerous. That’s why we – teachers have to help our students realize that and teach them how to use the Internet and other technological resources in a safe and responsible way.

Such project would give our students a great opportunity to improve their English/ learn new cultures and understand different viewpoints. We would like to share our experience with other schools and we would like our students to improve their learning abilities. We hope such project will help us (teachers and students) to become better and responsible European citizens.