Gazi Şahin Anatolian High School is a new  school, founded in 2007 and have only 9 classes and a laboratory. It is situated in Elmadağ. Elmadağ is one of the districts of the capital city ANKARA, its population is 43374. People here are generally interested in agriculture, so they really have a low income

As for our students, they are really wise and aware pupils.They struggle for a different, bright future ,since they have low income and untolerant families on most of the subjects.We can say that they don’t have the same opportunities with the teeneagers in the same age (15-18).In short, their only opportunity and sociality is their school . So we try to do our best for their self-confidance and future .We have all the necessary lessons such as physics, math etc. for their universty enterance exam and provide the enough language level for their future jobs.Aur aim is just to make them acquire their target languages English and  German. For all these reasons, this project is so important for our students since their families don’t pay the enough attention to their language education, also they mostly  don’t believe the necessity of a foreign language. So the project is really important for my students to prove necessity and advantages of a foreign language.

To Sum up we are completely eager to participate these kind of projects, because they are my students’ only chance to explore the endless world.